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collaboration = proactive team oriented execution

more than just web project extranets with project email ...

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We are devoted to introducing web3.0 technologies today! Examples of new features include: ubiquitous connectivity, open technologies, and intelligent web applications. Don't be fooled by the big name website providers; we can do 'that' and a whole lot more.

We are also a new kind of Talent Pool. By enabling talented individuals (people) with the tools (see hosting) and techniques (see education) they need to be creative and productive wherever they are located whenever they need we have in effect become a full service architectural design service that is completely independant of any brick and mortar address. This business model is proving extremely flexible AND competitive.

current offerings - 2007:

Microsoft Exchange Server, Office Sharepoint Server, CadToWin, timecards

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upcoming offerings - 2008:

accounting, work order dispatch, webcasting, IM, VOIP, video chat

project example - ongoing 2007:

Frances Siegel Architects has been outsourcing an increasing amount of production work to the micea talent pool over the past year. Sharing of hosted services like data storage and application licenses was only the beginning. Now we are sharing timecards, schedules, workload, clients, mentoring, etc. and have all enjoyed a wonderful working relationship as a result.

customer quote:

(coming soon - Mrs. Frances Siegel RA)

technologies we currently provide:

examples of work:

(coming soon - screencaps from fsa web portal project folders)