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Who we are: micea llc is a team of ex-cad managers and experienced residential architectural designers from across the country. We work smart and hard in a virtual private network environment. Yes, we can do that!

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Whether you need help with ...

- traditional deliverables such as 2D drafting for lot specific permit drawings
- more contemporary deliverables such as 3D rendering marketing materials
- cutting edge scheduling such as 4D modeling and 5D costing
- or even better - you have some need that you just can't quite explain ...

Note: All of these would technically fall under our description of visualization.

... We would love the opportunity to partner and work with you to discover how BIM technology can make your residential design/build business process more efficient!

Contact #1:

Technical Director
Matthew Waychoff

Contact #2:

Production Manager
Mark Cavallaro

Contact address:

micea llc
PO Box 458
1802 Valley Forge Rd.
Worcester PA 19450