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education = customized documentation and training

more than just 'train the trainer' or 'train the project' ...

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We have experience providing complete online, searchable, company specific user-friendly technology resources that users actually enjoy going to for support. Topics covered could include education on much more than technique such as: your company standards (see formatting), definitions of the relationships between objects for your company needs (see modeling), and how to retrieve reports and graphical info out of the model (see visualization).

Soon we will be expanding this to include live network webcast demonstrations and MS Windows Remote Access troubleshooting and support.
(Note: these will be enabled by our collaboration offerings)

current offerings - 2007:

classes, tutorials, html documents, workstation support

(descriptive image here)

upcoming offerings - 2008:

online webcasts; Adobe Robohelp FlashHelp documents, retrieve.com publishing, desktop support

project example - completed 2007:

We were very fortunate to be selected to support the Fortune 500 builder Toll Brothers Inc with a very high end implementation of AutoCAD Architecture called hsbCad. The phase one solution was for wall panel manufacturing in their Toll Integrated Systems department. Hopefully we will be invited back to help with further phases of this ambitious project.

customer quote:

(coming soon - Patrick Duffy - Toll Integrated Systems lead engineer)

we create dynamic web content in HTML using RoboHelp and then export to FlashHelp and Retrieve.com:

examples of work:

(coming soon - custom hsb tutorials for toll)