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more than just a file format - a development platform ...

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Everybody pretty much agrees at this point that the 'Holy Grail' in the home building business of 'Whole House Design' does NOT exist quite yet. Although it is certainly on the horizon for several vendors; it is rather difficult in the mean time to determine what standard you should invest in now because of the uncertainty in the near future. micea's attitiude is that you only 'need' the objects that 'you' need right now ... making them consistent and scalable is the key to enabling you to take your business process from where you are now to where you want to go. It goes without saying that capturing intelligence is a time consuming team effort (see collaboration) no matter which path you choose. Our experience has proved out that translating those intelligent objects and relations (see modeling) into another standard later is relatively easy. Therefore there is really no good reason to hesitate, deliberate, or procrastinate any longer - simply put: Let's stop talking about BIM and let's start doing it!!

current offerings - 2007:

DWG translation, migration, and conversion

upcoming offerings - 2008:

DWF, IFC, and RDF based import/export; GDL libraries

project example - completed 2007:

Our team saved Jacksonville home builder Dostie Homes approx. 50% the cost of a complete redraw by instead converting 12 production home designs (base house plus elevations and options) from Nemetschek [Graphisoft] ArchiCAD to Autodesk Architectural Desktop (now AutoCad Architecture) using Industry Foundation Class (IFC) smart object walls, windows and doors.

customer quote:

(coming soon - Sam Clausen - King South homes lead architect)

standards we have experience with and embrace:

examples of work:

(coming soon - before/after/scripts from dostie conversions)