hosting = smart software as a service

more than just an electronic rack set or simple document management ...


We are already providing a few web3.0 technologies today: software as a service, open identity, and distributed databases. We refer to this as our Application Pool. It is a complex infrastructure of servers, networking technologies, hardware, and software on the backend so that you as the user can have a simple yet very high performance user experience. Think of us as your outsourced IT department and Cad Manager all wrapped up into one. And like all of our offerings you can pick and choose which solutions are right for your needs and add/remove others at any time.

We are also actively pursuing open technologies that will enable us to actually host your complete BIM model (see modeling) as a dynamic parsable live working database that anyone can access anytime (see collaboration) and goes well beyond the capabilities of any individual single application currently available on the market today.

current offerings - 2007:

tier 1 software: Microsoft Office, Autodesk Building applications, Adobe Creative Studio Standard; and project data

upcoming offerings - 2008:

tier 2 software T.B.D. and enterprise data


project example - ongoing 2007:

One of our designers is fond of the Macintosh operating system. We have developed a way for him to use MS Windows Remote Desktop from his Macbook Pro to access a hosted version of AutoCAD Architecture to do his architectural production work - and yes it is legal and very very cool :)


customer quote:

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