Vision: micea llc is an independant 'Building Information Modeling' consulting company dedicated to the residential building market. And not to pursuade you but ... as far as we know ... we were the first!

Why BIM: We have embraced the foward thinking belief that any argument resisting BIM is mute and instead choose to make these new and complex BIM tools (see hosting) and techniques (see education) readily available and achievable to an increasing number of competent practitioners (see collaboration). We strongly believe that by preparing the building objects and their relations (see modeling) in a consistant and repurposable standard (see formatting) we will help to accelerate the rate of change in our industry toward finally embracing BIM technologies in general ... and indeed embracing BIM technologies is a great and worthwhile challenge for the generation of designers entering the marketplace at this time no matter what your discipline or deliverable (see visualization) is.

Why Independant: Philosophically it is contrary to our values that a true technology consultant would also be a sales person exclusively for any one solution provider. However we do realize that it would be too herculian a task to master a dozen available packages all at once. So keeping this in mind we do resell and we do consult; but only for those products we believe in and most importantly actually personally find useful by the doing. Therefore we tend to offer a better value proposition based on a realistic balance between unbiased opinion and technical expertise.

Why Residential: It is well documented that there have been over 1.2 million new home starts in North America the past 3 years running; making it one of the top 5 drivers of our nation's economy. Most financial and industry experts agree that the number of starts is poised to go up. What they do not agree on is when. We at micea believe it will go up sooner than later. Another interesting statistic is the fact that the percentage of those starts built by only the top 100 companies has increased (not decreased) to an amazing 40+%. If you are like us then you are generally NOT satisfied with the quality of design, materials, or craftsmanship of so-called production builder homes. Therefore in an effort to empower regional design/builders to stay competitive we have chosen to focus our efforts on providing what we believe is the single greatest business efficiency gain that the home building industry will ever find in our lifetime - BIM technology.


Mission: We are leaders in discovering and executing a proactive and integrated approach to representing and communicating residential building information and knowledge through the design technology products and services found behind the links to the above left.

We are also hopeful and fairly confident that an added benefit to implementing BIM will be that forward thinking architectural designers like yourself will thus be enabled to re-focus on the 3 dimensions that you really SHOULD be focused on ... namely:

Social, Ecological, and Economic.


Goals: We will partner with any company doing business in the residential building market of the AEC industry offering a new challenge that is computer focused, design oriented, and architecture related.


Projects: We are business synthesists/analysts that tackle socially and technically complex problems every day for builders large and small - so called Wicked Problems.

We are technologists that embrace a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development that emphasizes customer involvement and promotes team work at the Fortune 400 level and down - called Extreme Programming.

We are architectural designers that through our network of talent (see collaboration) provides all disciplines of creative and production services for residential construction.


Tasks: Whether you need (FYI: all of these technically would fall under our definition of visualization):

- traditional deliverables such as 2D drafting for lot specific permit drawings

- more contemporary deliverables such as 3D rendering marketing materials

- cutting edge scheduling such as 4D modeling and 5D costing

- or have some need that you can't quite explain ...

We would love the opportunity to help you be more efficient in your use of technology.


Contact information:

micea llc

PO Box 458

1802 Valley Forge Road

Worcester PA 19450

Technical Director

Matthew Waychoff


Production Manager

Mark Cavallaro