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Vision: micea llc is an independent consulting company dedicated to bringing 'Building Information Modeling' to the residential building market.  (read more)

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Mission: micea llc will help our ...


By actively participating in continuing to advance virtual 'Whole House Design' as a practical method of design/construction; and leading the way to its standardization.



By actively participating in their architectural process of representing and communicating residential building information and knowledge; and encouraging them to constantly continue to improve that process.



By enabling talented subject matter expert building designers with the industry leading technology and collaboration tools they need to become efficient BIM practitioners.


Goals: We will partner with any company doing business in the residential building market of the AEC industry offering a new challenge that is computer focused, design oriented, and architecture related.


Projects: We are business synthesists/analysts that tackle socially and technically complex problems every day for builders large and small - so called Wicked Problems.

We are technologists that embrace a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development that emphasizes customer involvement and promotes team work at the Fortune 400 level and down - called Extreme Programming.

We are architectural designers that through our network of talent (see collaboration) provides all disciplines of creative and production services for residential construction.






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