modeling = logical data synthesis representation

more than just graphics ... any data IN to the BIM model ...


There is an increasing number of dimensions (amount of intelligence) that our customers are starting to ask us to capture and logically represent (i.e. synthesize) all while staying within our traditional billing rates: 1D=Length, 2D=Width ,3D=Height, 4D=Time, 5D=Cost, 6D=Accessibility, 7D=Sustainability, 8D=Maintainability, 9D=Acoustics, 10D=Security, 11D=Heat ... nD=???

This category speaks to the BIM as a thing and a therefore a NOUN. It does not include the tools (software applications) that we will use to produce the model (see hosting); nor does it include the standards necessary to define the model (see formatting). It is rather simply referring to the objects themselves and any relationships between those objects that make up the model itself. Everything else on this site relies on this model.

current offerings - 2007:

tier 1 software and application development: AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp; tier 2 software and application development: Affinity, VisionRez, hsbCad; tier 3 software and application development: LISP and ARX programming

upcoming offerings - 2008:

tier 1 software and application development: (panel and truss software TBD); tier 2 software and application development: Cimplicity; tier 3 software and application development: VBA and .NET programming

project example - ongoing 2007:

Members in our ranks are currently in talks/training w/ITW Americad to become the NorthEast partner/implementor for VisionRez (an add-on to AutoCAD Architecture). Industry pundit Lachmi Khemlani has stated VisionRez "is one of the best examples of a likely future technological trend in AEC: BIM applications customized for specific building types [in this case houses] with many smarts and rules specific to that type built in".

customer quote:

(coming soon - Jimmy Moore - founder of Americad an ITW company maker of VisionRez)

tier 2 software we are currently modeling in:

examples of work:

(coming soon - dwf examples of various vrez models)