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visualization = intuitive data analysis communication

more than just graphics ... any data OUT from the BIM model ...

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Once the representation of a particular design has started to be captured in increasing levels of detail a direct result is that it will inevitably also need to be communicated in an increasing number of ways, to an increasing number of audiences (see collaboration), in an ever decreasing amount of time.

Communication is intuitive and creative. Data analysis is subjective and often an iterative process. Therefore thinking about 'Visualization' in the broader sense of 'any data OUT from the BIM model' is a healthy way to consider the practice of building information modeling as a VERB.

Deliverables in this category include much more than just graphical artwork. Examples might include more advanced on the fly reporting capabilities such as: model options management, lot specific window schedules, project [time] schedule reports, project budget reports, etc. (Note: these would require hosting to be enabled properly)

current offerings - 2007:

elevation artwork

(descriptive image here)

upcoming offerings - 2008:

animations, bill of materials (yes data out is communication even when it is not graphical), & we may even dabble w/producing machine files from our own database

project example - completed 2007:

The Kendall Group came to us with a napkin sketch and an absurd deadline of one week for a 10,000sf Manor Estate near Washington DC. Not sure if we could (or anyone for that matter could pull it off) we said OK let's give it a shot. Below are some of the results ... we will let you judge for yourself. (see below)

customer quote:

(coming soon - Mr. Robert Kendall AIA)

examples of work:

Day 3 - Site sketch:

Day 5 - Cad Model: (click to launch media player and view wireframe animation)

Day 7 - Digital Artwork: