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A proposal to establish BIM for residential building.

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Options management during design saves money.
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How to do something important and big.
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associations we are currently members of:

Because we at micea consider designing houses more of a manufacturing process than a traditional architectural design process; we have joined the Structural Building Components (SBC) [home] manufacturers association. Thier conference in 2007 had 6 of the most high end CAD vendors on the planet present!!!

associations we support thier directives:

AIA and IAI partnered to create the 'buildingSmart' brand in order to market IFCs. HOK was first to embrace.
Also of note is that the AIA has focused on thier 'Integrated Practice' initiative more than BIM per se.

Web2.0 governing body and the future of the everything internet.

Official US governing body. Remains to be seen if leading or following but important none the less.

Pro-active and opinionated - two things we respect. Example: early on the AGC embraced CIFE's term 'Virtual Design and Construction' (VDC) instead of BIM.
More recently they rejected the new AIA contract 201 because it did not certify BIM models as deliverables to contractors...heady stuff indeed.